“I had been to a succession off different people over a period of 5 years off suffering with neck and back pain and felt no better after a fortune spent. Now After being with this clinic over the last year I now not only feel better but also understand how to manage my life better so not to fall into bad habits that inevitably leave me in pain. The treatment that I receive from Scott Benham and the relationship that I have struck up between patient and professional is now invaluable to me and I thank the clinic for that”
Mr Chantrill, male age 42 profession Barber.

‘I go to see Scott- chiropractor as a competitive swimmer. I have poor flexibility which is due several growth spurts and the mussels not quite catching up. I also train in the pool and the gym trying to improve my swimming performance. Hard training puts a lot of the pressure on my body and it is very difficult to remove some of the stress and tension cause by that. Scott has a really good approach and his brilliant working technics trying to increase my flexibility and release the tension after hours of training work very good. I am now swimming faster than ever with less aches and pains. I also can proudly say that his work contributed to me wining bronze at ASA National Summer Championships. He is kind, knowledgeable (answers all my questions), supportive and genuinely a very pleasant person to work with.’
Mr Chada

‘I suffered with lower back pain and some pelvic pain throughout pregnancy. Rachel was recommended as someone who specialised in pregnancy. Until meeting Rachel most treatments I’d had were very low intensity tailored to pregnancy but not very effective. With Rachel I saw results very quickly.

After my first session I could feel my back had loosened. I went back for one more session towards the end of my pregnancy and happened to mentioned I’d had a persistent headache for a week. Midwives had told me it was nothing to worry about but I was really suffering. Rachel discovered that my neck was really tight (probably from sleeping bolt upright with indigestion) After one session I bounced out of the treatment room a new women. This sounds very dramatic but the improvement and release was incredible. I came away with some exercises to help at home, thanks to Rachel I could enjoy my last week of pregnancy free from a tortuous headache, and managed some much needed sleep!

Who would have guessed it was my neck!’
Mrs McCraith, Bishops Stortford

I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant with my second child when I first went to see Rachel. I was having increasingly bad lower back pain and was desperate to find some relief.  I had had various treatments in pregnancy before, but always found them to have little effect because the provider was too wary of treating a pregnant lady. Rachel has an amazing ability to put you at ease and most importantly her treatment works! I couldn’t believe how easily I could move and walk again after the treatment. I can only describe it as the most incredible release of all the tension and knots that had been building up during the pregnancy. I highly recommend Rachel for pregnancy treatments and have also had excellent treatments since having my daughter.
Mrs Riedo, Much Hadham

I have used Livewell Chiropractic Centre for x years for both routine care and significant acute episodes of back pain. (I can’t remember how many but your notes will show). Both Rachel and Scott give excellent care. Additional aches and pains are dealt with along with an expert diagnosis and treatment of any presenting condition, and I have never felt rushed. They set a pattern of treatment in discussion with me, without any pressure, and give great advice on how to maintain core stability on a day-to-day basis. Recommended without hesitation.
Mr Osborn

My sport is rowing and I had been struggling with shoulder pain for some time. I was having trouble sleeping due to the discomfort particularly when lying down on my side. Some rowing friends suggested I find a chiropractor. I found Rachel and over the past weeks she has improved my shoulder problems no end. I have had acupuncture, massage and manipulation plus Rachel has given me a programme of exercises to do at home. I have recently completed 3 big rowing races and my shoulders have been in good shape. Thank you Rachel.
Ms Porter-Vaughan