Lower Back Pain

Re-occurring lower back pain is very common and can be very debilitating, often patients may report a ‘weak’ spot in their lower back that has been caused from an old injury. We also see people with sudden attacks of lower back pain who may report ‘I just don’t know how this has happened’.

Pain in the lower back is often caused from repetitive stress and strain and not one particular injury. Lifestyle tension and stress can also be another contributing factor alongside poor postural habits and being sedentary.

So what exactly is causing my pain?

Your Chiropractor will assess the small joints in your back called ‘Facet Joints’ where all our spinal movement comes from as well as the Nerves, the Discs and the Muscles that support your spine and pelvis.

Commonly nerve irritation develops from joints that are not moving properly or that have been ‘strained’ or injured. There is often accompanied muscular pain and spasm which in some cases can cause the lower back to totally cease up.

Disc problems

Can occur again from repetitive stress and strain or an injury and can be excruciating. The disc is the ‘spongey cushioning’ in-between each vertebrae and it is surrounded by a more fibrous tissue. In some cases the outer fibrous tissues can be damaged and eventually the inner fluid filled gel like substance can protrude out onto a nerve. Patients may report severe leg, buttock and/or groin pain, weakness and sometime pins and needles into the legs or feet.

Your Chiropractor is highly trained to assess and diagnose Disc problems using specific neurological and orthopaedic tests and in some cases patients will need to be referred on for imaging and alternative treatment. In many cases Chiropractic can help to manage the pain and inflammation surrounding the discs and encourage natural healing of the discs and surrounding structures.

Sacro-iliac Joints

The Sacro-Iliac Joints form part of the pelvis sitting either side of the sacrum, these joints are small but very strong and important transmiting all the forces of the upper body to the pelvis. Dysfunction or weakness in these joints can cause low back pain and/or leg pain. Patients often report a feeling of ‘sciatica’.

I have pain radiating into my leg

Patients often report back pain with associated pain radiating into the legs or buttocks. Leg and buttock pain can be caused from many structures; Discs, the Sacro-iliac joints, the Nerves and often the muscles. Your Chiropractor is highly skilled at determining the source of the pain using specific neurological and orthopaedic tests.